COVID-19 Club Training Guidelines Updated May 2021

These guidelines are designed to provide members with a checklist for training in the COVID-19
environment. They provide a high-level listing of items that should be considered when planning on
participating in club spins. It is critical to remember that all activities must comply with public health
guidelines. It is strongly recommended that anyone attending a club spin complete the following e-
learning COVID-19 Course developed by Sport Ireland –
We note that the COVID-19 environment is an evolving situation and timelines on restrictions may
result in different requirements at various times. Ultimately, public health guidelines will govern any
future guideline changes.

1. All participants must complete online Self-Assessment Personal Screening Questionnaire in
advance of each club spin . If you answer YES to any of
the questions please do not attend. Please select which group you wish to ride with and
adhere to this selection. You must input your Cycling Ireland Licence Number for each
2. Come prepared with bike in good condition, wheels pumped, sufficient food and drink,
wearing full cycling kit and face covering packed for coffee stop.
3. Club will undertake briefing for all participants outlining hygiene practices, route, café stop
location, safety guidelines and group riding etiquette.
4. A lead group rider will take a list of all participants and register their attendance on Cycling
Ireland website for contact tracing purposes.
5. To facilitate pre ride briefing and collection of participant’s names we would request you
arrive 10 minutes before official start time and follow social distancing guidelines.
6. Be prepared to have your contact details shared with government/HSE in the event of a
positive case from the activity.

1. The number of participants in a group must not exceed the maximum allowed by
Government regulations which is 15. If group numbers exceed this number participants will
be arranged in a number of smaller groups.
2. Participants should only handle their own equipment (bikes, bidons, nutrition, clothing etc.)
and not touch the equipment of others.
3. Participants should bring their own filled bidons and food.
4. In the case of a participant suffering a puncture or mechanical failure one colleague should
stop to accompany rider with the remainder continuing group ride.
5. Where possible eating and drinking during spin should be conducted at rear of group.
6. Spitting, sneezing, coughing etc. should only be done when cycling at rear of group adhering
to public health guidelines.
7. Participants should ensure physical distancing requirements are adhered to as best as
8. Café stops should be kept to a minimum and all on site Covid19 guidelines adhered to. No
large groups converging on premises or seating areas. A face covering must be worn when
entering any public retail or foodservice space.

Post Activity:
1. Participants should disperse as soon as spin is complete and not congregate in group.
2. Wash and sanitise all equipment and clothing as soon as possible after spin.
3. Wash and sanitise hands immediately following the spin.

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