Clonard Cycling Club was founded in 1958 and continued until to 1961. The club had 10 – 15 members and participated in time trials and road races. The club colours were black, blue and white. While racing is never easy, racing in the late 1950’s presented riders with even more challenges, with poor transport and road conditions. Most of the time, riders would cycle to a race venue, complete a race and then cycle home. Not much fun after a hard race or a bad crash!

In 1985 Team Rapparee Clonard Wheelers was reformed with new club colours of green/white and later changed to pink/purple. The clubs main sponsor was Rapparee Framesets. Club members took part in road races, time trials and stage races. For many years members raced in all of the big events such as the FBD Ras with some club members representing Ireland in events abroad. At the time, interest in cycling in Ireland was huge with the influence of Sean Kelly and Sean Roche on the international stage. The club disbanded in 1995 but it had been a highly exciting time for all involved.

In 2009, several of the club members decided to start up the cycling club again. The club has grown in members since the club restarted and successfully held our first club race, Ras Naomh Finian, in March 2010.

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