Rota for Marshals: Club League 2017

Safety of every club member in every race is paramount – we must all make sure that we have sufficient marshals available at every race to help ensure each event is run as safely as possible.

Therefore – EVERYONE must marshal one race.

The Schedule is below – please check to see which date you are scheduled for.

The club members in the table below highlighted in BOLD, are the Team Leaders for the race night.  It is their responsibility to organise the race, from sign-on to marshal positions, to race finish and results.
If you have any safety concerns, any first-aid requests etc., these are your points of contact on the night.

Note to team leaders:  you are required to provide the results from 1st to last place, in a spreadsheet with the points allocated where applicable, to

Also, for help with group timings and gaps on race nights, HERE is a good resource for calculating “time to ride a fixed distance in a given average speed” (see 2nd calculator on the page)

Note to ALL members: if you are not available to marshal on your scheduled night, you must make arrangements with another member to swap with, so that we have sufficient cover for every race.

If you fail to marshal a race during the league, a penalty will apply: You will be deducted your best finish points.

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