Pre- Race Information


We have a short-but-tough prologue style Time Trial over a ‘lumpy’ course – just 8.8km long, but one that is sure to test everyone taking part.

The race will take place on Thursday 16th June, with the first rider off at 7pm as usual.

Parking and sign-on are in Killucan Village, in Ennis’ Pub car park.

The TT will start just a few hundred metres from there, at the Tennis Courts on the Raharney Road.

After the finish, riders can then simply drop down the hill to Killucan Village where the prize presentations will take place in Ennis’ pub, along with tea and sandwiches.


Riders will set off at 1 minute intervals on a challenging route from Killucan, to Raharney Village, then left onto the more technical section of the course and make their way up to the top of ‘Green Hill’ just outside Killucan Village.

There are several junctions where caution will be needed from ALL riders taking part, and you must ensure that you pay full attention to the marshals instructions when approaching these.

Raharney Village, left at the shop.  Approach is downhill, turn is >90 degrees and an adverse camber to deal with also.

From L-Road onto R-Road – this is a T-Junction and rules of the road apply to everyone. You must stop here if necessary.  Watch for the marshals instructions, as they will advise of the traffic situation on the junction as you approach.

From R-Road onto L-Road
Again, rules of the road apply, and you must stop if required by the traffic situation as you approach the junction.  Watch for the marshals instructions, and remember to check behind you to assess the following traffic situation also.
Do not ‘cut’ the corner as you take it.

Last junction on the route – base of the hill to the finish line.  Turn is very tight, very small, and will need caution on approach.  Again, watch for the marshals instructions as there may be traffic approaching the junction which will be out of sight to you as you approach it.

The final section of the course (Green Hill), is 1.1km long with a 3% average gradient, however the hill has one or two short ‘steps’ which kick up to about 10%.

Tips for warming up correctly can be found here.

Warming up correctly is very important, not only to get the best performance out of yourself, but also to avoid possible injury by trying to ride the race from a ‘fresh’, rested state (see here for some of the science behind it all).

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