On Sunday, 25th September 2016, we will host our annual Leisure Sportive Event – the Tour of South Meath.

Sign-on will be open until 09:45am, and the groups will roll out at 10am for the 100km route, followed at 10:30am for the 50km riders.

Both routes will be clearly marked on the roads, and marshals will be present for some of the junctions.  There will be a lead car and broom wagon.

Sign-on location is: Mother Hubbards Car Park (which is on the old N4 road, between the towns of Enfield and Kinnegad).

Entry is only 20euro, and there will be a food/water stop en route, and then afterwards there will be hot food for all participants back in Mother Hubbards.

To try and ensure that everyone enjoys their cycle, we will have separate groups rolling out, with different average speeds – this will allow you to choose the group that best meets your ability:
1st off will be a faster-paced group (32km/h)
– 2nd group average speed at about (28km/h)
– 3rd group will average about 25km/h

First group will depart at 10am, followed shortly afterwards by the 2nd and then 3rd groups.

The 50k riders can then assemble, and will head out at 10:30am.

** Important Safety Notice **

EVERYONE taking part in the events must wear a helmet – no one will be allowed to participate without one.
No Tri bars are allowed, and no Time Trial bikes either.

As with all leisure/sportive events, please remember THIS IS NOT A RACE, and be aware that normal rules of the road will apply at all times.

Please be careful on the approach to junctions, and pay attention to the signals given by the Marshals at the junctions
(you will be required to stop if necessary due to traffic conditions).

If you are new to riding with a group, we have some excellent safety advice here.



50km – http://www.mapmyride.com/ie/edenderry-l/tour-of-south-meath-50k-route-2013-route-296250195

100km – http://www.mapmyride.com/ie/edenderry-l/tour-of-south-meath-2013-100k-route-296406781

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