2015 Club League


Round 1:
 – 23rd April 2015 @ 6.30pm onwards
– First off at 7pm
– Kinnegad – Milltownpass – Kinnegad
– 16km Time Trial, Flat course
Round 2:
– 7th May
– 7pm
– Enfield Circuit, Flat Finish

Round 3:
– 28th May
– 7pm
– Kinnegad Circuit, Hill Top Finish

Round 4:
– 18th June
– 7pm
– 6km Hilly(ish) Time Trial
– Raharney-to-Killucan (Handicap 2nd TT)

Round 5:
– 9th July
– 7pm
– Enfield Circuit, Hill Top Finish

Round 6:
– 30th July
– 7pm
– Hill of Down Circuit

Round 7:
– 13th Aug
– 7pm
– Newtown Time Trial

Round 8

– 2oth September
– 10am
– Meath Circuit


  • 2-euro sign-on fee will apply for all the races.  This is a nominal fee, just to cover the cost of providing food/tea after the race at the prize giving.
  • Click to view 2015 Marshaling Rota 

Points are allocated as follows:
1st place = 25pts, 2nd place = 24pts…and so on, right down to the minimum of 5pts.
DNF = 3pts

Results/Details for each of the individual races can be found through the specific links
Your best 4 events will count
you can ride 6 races, and EVERYONE must marshal one race.
if you are not on the Rota, but are taking part in the races, please contact the club email address (info@clonardroadclub.com) as you will loose your highest points deducted if you fail to marshal – anyone under 16 years old obviously cannot marshal, but if your parents can lend a hand on the night.


Please note that if you wish to take part in the races, you must have a Club Competition (known now as ‘Limited Competition’), or a Full Competition license from Cycling Ireland.  Anyone with other license types cannot take part (but you are very welcome to come along on any night and lend a hand with marshaling of course!!!)

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