2017 Ras Naomh Finian (sponsored by Invesco)

Results available at 2017 Ras Naomh Finian – Results


On Saturday, 4th March 2017, we will host our annual Ras Naomh Finian race.

Kindly Sponsored by Invesco pension and investment consultants

Please note the  START LOCATION —Mother Hubbards, (On Old N4 between Enfield & Kinnegad)
This year we will also have a separate race for Women – see important details below regarding the start for the Women’s race.

After the races, we will have refreshments in Mother Hubbard where the prize presentations will take place.

Sign on at Mother Hubbards  and will be open from 09:00 a.m.

Start is From Mother Hubbards and the race heads out the old Galway Road (R148 through Clonard, and on to Kinnegad), and on then through Milltownpass, Rochfortbridge, Tyrellspass, and will turn around in Kilbeggan and come back in the same route.  Finish line is the same as previous years – just before Clonard Village.

We will keep the same format as last years event.  This proved to be very successful, so we will once again have 3 separate races this year, as well as an extra, separate, race for Women…

First race
11am sharp (small handicap for A2 group)

Second race
11:05 start

Third Race
11:08 start

Women’s Race
11:08 start*

Women’s race is a reduced distance: 44km in total.
Route is from Mother Hubbards, rolling out *immediately behind the A4 race, but turning around in RochfortbridgeFinish line is the same as for the men’s races – just before Clonard Village.

We would request all riders taking part in the Women’s race to assemble behind the A4 bunch, ready to roll out just behind them.

Prizes are as follows:

First 6 overall in each separate race.
A1 Race: 1st 3 unplaced Cat-2 riders.
A3 Race: 1 unplaced Junior

and….here are the details of the race route:

Womens Route

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