Please click here to view the 2015 Cycling Ireland AGM Annual Report.

Mr. Anthony Mitchell wishes to inform all members that he has withdrawn his nomination for the role of Honorary President but will still contest the Directors’ election. The election for Honorary President will now be contested between two candidates; Mr. Ciaran McKenna and Mr. Denis Toomey.

Members attending the AGM are asked to pay special notice to the below request from Cycling Ireland.

We are expecting a large attendance at our AGM this Saturday commencing at 11am. Sign on will commence at 10am and we would appreciate it if you could register as early as possible to avoid any last minute rush!!
Coffee will be served inside the hall. However, if you want to meet colleagues outside the hall, we kindly ask you to sign in 1st and then meet them.
Upon return, please use the Already registered channel to gain access. This will avoid queues building up just prior to 11am.
In order to facilitate registration, we would be grateful if you would note the following:

  • The entrances to the AGM, which will have a Cycling Ireland Banner, is 30 meters to the right of the main entrance. Can we kindly ask you to use this entrance?
  • There will be 4 registration tables, one for each province. Please sign in at the appropriate desk for your club.
  • Each desk has a provincial sign in list of all clubs. Please sign as a delegate and you will be given AGM Report together with voting paper. (Clubs commencing A-L are on the left of each desk and clubs commencing M- Z are on the right of each desk).
  • Please have your CI Licence card to hand. The PDF version on your phone is fully acceptable.
  • If you are a not a delegate, please sign the visitors sheet.
  • If you are also representing your Commission, there is a separate desk to sign in and obtain an additional voting card

Click here for the exact location of the hotel.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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