2015 Club League Round 2


Round 2:
– 7th May 2015 @ 7pm
– Enfield Circuit,

The second round of the 2015 club league takes place on Thursday 7th May at 7pm, and is three laps of the Rathcore Circuit, approx 10km for each lap (details below)

Start point is in Rathcore Village, and the first group are off at 7pm sharp – note this is important as we need to ensure everyone is back safe before it starts to get dark.

The route goes from Rathcore Village, over to the main Enfield Rathmoylan Road, turning left up this road and left again back up towards Rathcore Village again.

Please visit Club League Page for more information

*** Be sure to check the rota to see if you are scheduled for Marshal duties!! ***

Leaders Alan ,  Raymond

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