Round 5 of the  league takes place on Thursday 6th July, starting from Rathcore Village and using the same circuit that we used in round 3 – however this time for the finish line, we will TURN RIGHT in the village and finish up at the top of the hill (see below).

Sign-On and Parking are at the pub in the centre of the village – please arrive early to ensure we get everyone signed on and allocated to their groups, sort all the handicaps, and assign marshals to their posts etc.
Sign-On will close at 19:00hrs.

As we have 4 races completed now, the ‘best 4 results’ rule will kick in now for anyone that has not yet marshaled or missed a race!

Don’t forget that EVERYONE MUST MARSHAL ONE RACE!!!  There are only 2 races left, so if you are not on the Rota, but are taking part in the races, please contact the club email address ( as you risk having your highest points deducted if you fail to marshal – anyone under 16 years old obviously cannot marshal, but if your parents can lend a hand on the night, this will be fine, but please let us know so that we aren’t short on the any night.


The race will use the same course as Round-3 of the Club League, however this time we will make a right turn in the village (see below) to finish at the top of the hill (approx 500m from the village).

ratchcore hilltop

So, the race will be 3 full laps of the course – each lap is approx 10km long, with the finish on top of the hill after the right turn marked in the picture above.

Directions to the start can be found on the Round-3 race page if you are not familiar with the area.

Please also check with the Marshalling rota in case you are scheduled to marshal this race.

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